Looking for Affordable Blenders in 2020?

Today’s lifestyle demands faster solutions for everything – faster services, faster results, faster gadgets, and so on. When it comes to kitchen appliances however, faster will never be enough. Apart from speed, we go for something with absolute quality, durability, versatility, and efficiency. If we could have all those features into one unit then it must be a jackpot. The creators of Ninja blenders, however, are apparently showing moms, aspiring cooks, and even professionals, that jackpot is not the way to call it. The name is Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

Before the Mega blender was launched in the market, there were already powerful Ninja blenders that preceded it. These machines are still selling to this day and are still garnering favorable reviews since each boasts of a certain unique feature.

Best Blender for 2020

Here are the reviews of top counter top blenders of 2020 which you will certainly like to buy for a great experience.

Ninja 1100 Blender Review

Ninja Blender 2020

With this new and powerful Ninja 1100 blender no task seem too difficult. I found that out just after a few tries as I just could not get it to jam of fail even though I  tried some really complicated and thick recipes. It really succeed where a lot of blenders have not. Chopping, juicing, blending, grinding, it did it all quite easily.

The 72 oz. Pitcher creates a powerful vortex, making sure your ingredients get thoroughly blended. The Ninja 1100 Blender really lets you make anything from delicious smoothies, to soups, dressings, sauces and ice-cream using it’s powerful multiple blade system. This blade system, unique to Ninja Blenders, can even let you make pizza dough. Nothing got stuck on the top of the pitcher since you got a blade up there slicing everything that goes up making it hard to get anything stuck of jammed in a corner.

The Ninja 1100 blender also comes with a second jar that can hold up to 40 oz. with its own set of blades so no need to wash the blades between recipes. Each jar has its own set of lid in case you want to store directly in the jar.

What I really liked about this product is the recipe book that you get for free, sold for 11.00$+ if bought separately (when bought on amazon).  I read the book and got some really good ideas for a couple of meals I want to try this next month, I thought it was well written and easy to understand.

The Ninja 1100 blender comes with  an owner’s manual but I can tell you this blender is easy to understand. It feel really natural,  you don’t have to read the entire manual to get the hang of it which is a good thing compared to some of its competitors.

KitchenAid Blender – KSB 560 and KSB 580 Series

The flagship of the KitchenAid blender line is the Kitchen Aid 5-speed blender, KSB56O and the KSB580, are both identical in statistics.

They share the same size, same weight, same construction. They all boast:

  • Five speeds
  • Same dimension: a nine inch depth, 15.25 inches in height, and a width of seven and 5/16th’s of an inch.
  • A solid and stable metal base design with a scratch- and stain-resistant 56 oz polycarbonite jar.
  • Many colors to choose from.

These Kitchen Aid blenders are also durable and powerful. With 0.9 horsepower, or around 670 watt in power, it is suitable for making thick smoothies and pureed soup everyday. Many easier tasks, such as mixing drink, whipping cream, and making pesto and salad dressing, can undoubtedly be completed easily. Finally, if you’re fond of crushing ice, you can accomplish it using these blenders.

Another blender product from KitchenAid with the same mechanical spec and ability as KSB560B and KSB580, save for the extra pound of weight is KSB560PK. Notice the PK there ? This particular Kitchen Aid blender is coded PK because it is only available in pink.

The reason its only available in pink is that this model is part of the “Cook for the Cure” campaign where a portion of each of the KitchenAid Blenders that are sold under this campaign, goes for breast cancer. I find it to be a very creative way for a company to help with a serious cause.

Kitchen Aid Blender Reviews ~ KSB465

KitchenAid KSB465 is a low cost alternative to the above models already mentioned, being 25% or so cheaper. Lower price comes with a price, though, and that is the less impressive statistics than its siblings, the 5-speed KitchenAid blender mentioned above.

Below are some of the KitchenAid KSB465 features:

  • Four speeds
  • Dimension: 8.75 inch in depth, 14 and 7/16th’s inch in height, andfive and 13/16th’s of an inch in width.
  • Combo Plastic and Metal base design which makes it less stable than the KSB 560 and 580.
  • A 48 oz Polycarbonite Jar

From the spec above, you can see that KSB465’s built is inferior compared to the more expensive models. Nevertheless, they are still good blenders with capability similar to the 5-speed blender series.

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