Basic Wood Router Guide For Beginners

If you are a wood worker or you need to work with wood then you might want to consider buying a router table or at least a wood router. It is near impossible to work with wood if you don’t own them. If you find that you really enjoy woodworking than you should consider purchasing a decent wood router.  You can also make a homemade router tables if you find a decent plan online.

You need to decide if you want one that you can fold in half. This will work well if you need to store it and don’t have much space. You can leave in a closet or any other area of your house. If you buy a permanent one then you must keep it in the space spot, but the upside is that they are very secure. If you use it a lot then you might want to go with this option.

When you decide to build a table then you will have to choose the right kind of wood. If you want a good table then choose really sturdy wood. You want to build something that will last forever. Usually you need to build the bottom of the table and then the rest of it. You want to make sure you do the legs very well so they won’t be wobbly. You will also want to sand all the surfaces so that everything is very smooth. You can use a planer to do this.

Using Wood Router For Small Projects

After you do the bottom you will do the sides and the back and lastly you will do the top. You should use plywood or hardwood and then put a laminate over it. If you use plywood make sure you get quality plywood. You want to use something like this because it is better and more durable than particleboard. Buy a ready-made table top if you want to save some time and make things easier. You can find one that has laminate on it, as well as channel guides and a miter gauge. Try to get a large one that is 24 x 32 inches. This will give you tons of space to work on.Continue reading