Get Your Right Baby Carrier in 2020

I have been contemplating getting a new baby carrier for a month or two. Previously, I had a Baby Bjorn for when our children were tiny. That quickly became uncomfortable. I have also tried the Playtex Hip Hammock a few times but it pulls a great deal on my neck so I only use it for short bursts.

After some thought and reading some great reviews, I decided to go with the Beco Butterfly (in the awesome Carnival print). I personally love shopping online and therefore, spend time comparing stores and searching for the best price. I personally like hip seat baby carrier over traditional baby carriers, as it have many advantages. The foremost benefit of using baby carrier with hip seat is that the weight of the baby is properly distributed and hence you don’t get back pain when wearing baby for a longer time.

settled on Quirky Baby and could not have asked for anything better! What makes Quirky Baby stand out among the competition?

First off – price. Most of the Beco carriers go for about $125 – $130. So then I needed to find the print I wanted in stock, which narrowed the playing field a bit. The Beco Carnival print (shown here at Tree City Diapers, Inc.) is very popular…isn’t it pretty? After I found it, I was quite shocked that most places were charging shipping. Most online stores these days, offer free shipping if you purchase over a certain amount. In my books, $130 earns you free shipping. So, Quirky Baby met my demand for price because it listed at $130 and included free shipping.

So, I enter my order right before I go to bed at 10:00 central time on a Tuesday. My expectations are set that the order will be processed the following day and most likely ship the day after that. I wake the following morning to my ritual of checking email with my beloved coffee (ahhh…) to discover that Jane, the owner of Quirky Baby, had processed my order about 15 minutes after it was placed and that my carrier would ship the following day on Wednesday! Talk about customer service! It is tough to top that turn around time! Thanks, Jane!

You know, this past summer I attended the International Babywearing Conference in D.C. It was such a great experience to be among “my people”! In a session called “Practice, Not Product,” we were discussing different baby carriers, the tendency for those in the babywearing world to talk about one type being better than another, etc.

So, in the end, I placed my order on a Tuesday at 10pm, it shipped Wednesday, and I received it today (Friday). I was so happy with the customer service that I sent Jane, the owner, an email thanking her for exactly that. After exchanging a few emails, I find her to be a naturally kind person who is also a mother of a little baby (there could be more, but I only got the one from our emails). That seals the deal for me because I love supporting mothers (or fathers) in their venture to make their way in the world.

Quirky Baby has a wide selection of babywearing carriers, mei tais, slings, pouches, and more. If you are in the market, stop on by.

P.S. I will be reviewing the Beco Butterfly…just need some time to get the hang of it.

Looking for Affordable Blenders in 2020?

Today’s lifestyle demands faster solutions for everything – faster services, faster results, faster gadgets, and so on. When it comes to kitchen appliances however, faster will never be enough. Apart from speed, we go for something with absolute quality, durability, versatility, and efficiency. If we could have all those features into one unit then it must be a jackpot. The creators of Ninja blenders, however, are apparently showing moms, aspiring cooks, and even professionals, that jackpot is not the way to call it. The name is Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

Before the Mega blender was launched in the market, there were already powerful Ninja blenders that preceded it. These machines are still selling to this day and are still garnering favorable reviews since each boasts of a certain unique feature.

Best Blender for 2020

Here are the reviews of top counter top blenders of 2020 which you will certainly like to buy for a great experience.

Ninja 1100 Blender Review

Ninja Blender 2020

With this new and powerful Ninja 1100 blender no task seem too difficult. I found that out just after a few tries as I just could not get it to jam of fail even though I  tried some really complicated and thick recipes. It really succeed where a lot of blenders have not. Chopping, juicing, blending, grinding, it did it all quite easily.

The 72 oz. Pitcher creates a powerful vortex, making sure your ingredients get thoroughly blended. The Ninja 1100 Blender really lets you make anything from delicious smoothies, to soups, dressings, sauces and ice-cream using it’s powerful multiple blade system. This blade system, unique to Ninja Blenders, can even let you make pizza dough. Nothing got stuck on the top of the pitcher since you got a blade up there slicing everything that goes up making it hard to get anything stuck of jammed in a corner.

The Ninja 1100 blender also comes with a second jar that can hold up to 40 oz. with its own set of blades so no need to wash the blades between recipes. Each jar has its own set of lid in case you want to store directly in the jar.

What I really liked about this product is the recipe book that you get for free, sold for 11.00$+ if bought separately (when bought on amazon).  I read the book and got some really good ideas for a couple of meals I want to try this next month, I thought it was well written and easy to understand.

The Ninja 1100 blender comes with  an owner’s manual but I can tell you this blender is easy to understand. It feel really natural,  you don’t have to read the entire manual to get the hang of it which is a good thing compared to some of its competitors.Continue reading

Basic Wood Router Guide For Beginners

If you are a wood worker or you need to work with wood then you might want to consider buying a router table or at least a wood router. It is near impossible to work with wood if you don’t own them. If you find that you really enjoy woodworking than you should consider purchasing a decent wood router.  You can also make a homemade router tables if you find a decent plan online.

You need to decide if you want one that you can fold in half. This will work well if you need to store it and don’t have much space. You can leave in a closet or any other area of your house. If you buy a permanent one then you must keep it in the space spot, but the upside is that they are very secure. If you use it a lot then you might want to go with this option.

When you decide to build a table then you will have to choose the right kind of wood. If you want a good table then choose really sturdy wood. You want to build something that will last forever. Usually you need to build the bottom of the table and then the rest of it. You want to make sure you do the legs very well so they won’t be wobbly. You will also want to sand all the surfaces so that everything is very smooth. You can use a planer to do this.

Using Wood Router For Small Projects

After you do the bottom you will do the sides and the back and lastly you will do the top. You should use plywood or hardwood and then put a laminate over it. If you use plywood make sure you get quality plywood. You want to use something like this because it is better and more durable than particleboard. Buy a ready-made table top if you want to save some time and make things easier. You can find one that has laminate on it, as well as channel guides and a miter gauge. Try to get a large one that is 24 x 32 inches. This will give you tons of space to work on.Continue reading

Picks for kicks: holding hands

I used to have a great set of friends. A group that could get together all of the time or split off in pairs, it didn’t matter. We were as close as you can be with friends, I think. We journeyed through high school, college and moves together. Boyfriends and God and family…there weren’t any topics unchartered.

Time has separated us quite a bit and though we talk now and then, it’s been time to start the search for a good group of friends in Texas. We resisted Texas for a long time, didn’t want to put down any roots, but it’s clear now that we’re here and we might as well start planting.

I used to be a serial hand-holder. Nothing was sweeter to me than walking through the park with a friend, swinging our arms together and venturing into unwalked paths. I was also a barefoot hippie in those times, but you know, things change. Since I was separated from my friends, I have recoiled into un-touchy-feely mode. I don’t appreciate when strangers touch me and I find anything beyond a hug – extraneous touches on the shoulder, arm-in-arm, yadda yadda – to be uncomfortable.

It’s not only the touch. I find I’m extremely untrusting in this neck of the woods. I was always a huge fan of meeting new people, strangers were my favorite and I have always been very outgoing. Since moving to Texas, though, I find myself imploding and withdrawing and feeling shy and uncertain. I’m not sure how to make friends here and I’m not sure I even want to. We have friends. Don’t get me wrong. But the trust issues we’ve brought with us from the sadness of leaving our friends have made the tiniest flake or cancelled plan suck to the Nth degree.

It’s hard to start trusting again, but we’re ready and willing and open to new friendships. Open to closeness. It took a long time to get here. A lot of weekends in. A lot of crappy “settling” friendships.

I’m ready to start discovering the friendship-worthy-chicks Texas has to offer. That sounds like a personal ad, holy moley. Anyways, you know what I mean. I’m not sure I’ll ever find anyone as awesome as my friends in Chicago, but maybe it’s time to stop comparing?